10 Things which we are Doing Wrong on our Android Device


These 10 Things You Should Never Do On Your Android Phone

In Today’s World most of people use android Phones its one of the best operating system, but unknowingly we do some of the wrong android things which we should not do.

So let’s know what are those thing’s first :

Unknown Sources Apps A Malware to Android

Downloading an app from other app store or from other website can Damage your android Phone, because the apps available on other play store or website are not verified by GOOGLE.

Applications which are not verified by Google may consist of virus which in-return can harm your Android phone.

Avoid Killing Tasks on Android

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Many users repeatedly kills the Recent apps thinking that it may speed-up there phone but actually doing so doesn’t help much.

Recent app are those apps which have minimized, so when you clear those apps and again when you open those closed app, the processor will again have to generate those data which is stored in cached memory, which puts extra Load on Processor and Battery.

Android knows how to manage memory so Whenever there is shortage of Ram it would Automatically kills the apps, so better to let android decide when to clear or kill those apps.

Use-Less Android Anti-Virus Apps

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It would be Beneficial if you download the antivirus apps Your PC or Laptop but downloading those antivirus App on your Phones are of no use because as long as you are Downloading apps from play store or any content from any reputed websites there is no requirement of those apps, they are simply Drain the Battery and Burden on memory.

Don’t install Battery Savers

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The simple task of the battery savers is that if you not using your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS that it would turn off them. This is the basic Function that any battery Saver Performs. We can also do those tasks so why to use those Apps.

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It also kills the app if you not using it for some time, which indeed drains your Battery. So better stop installing those apps.

Routing Your Android Phone

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Before Routing your android Device, Know everything properly about routing. Clear all the aspect about routing then only opt for routing, better is to avoid Routing.

Unwanted Android Permissions

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You may know that latest android version allows manually enabling or disabling the app Permission’s. Now For Example if you have enable manual permission then suppose if you want to record a video from WhatsApp, the WhatsApp will ask the permission for the use of camera.

But the problem is suppose if we are using a compass app and it would ask permission for using your contacts than it would leak your data. So deny those permission’s.

Don’t Restart repeatedly

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For Healthy use of your Phone you can reboot it occasionally. You should reboot your phone Every 5 to 10 days but if you restart it repeatedly than it may Damage your phone. For healthy phone Life avoid rebooting regularly.

Installing Fake apps

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The Fake app is those apps which claim that it would provide the functionality against the hardware Restriction. For example if your phone doesn’t have the finger-print sensor but some apps claim that it would provide finger print scanner in your Phones. More Examples are Iris Scanner, X- ray scanner and many more.

So those apps are of no use and no app can provide the functionality against your phones hardware.

Those Apps provide lesser Damage but it contains Ads and asks for permission so better to stay away from those Apps.

Cache Apps

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The App’s temporary data are stored in the cache memory. So when clear cache it clear all or some data of that app. You are simply staring the app as you are starting it the first time after installation.

For example if you are using facebook or instagram or any other apps some files are stored in cached memory so that processor does not have to load those command data again. The Cache apps are use to clear the cache of you phones so you don’t require those cleaner to do so. But still if want to clear those data you can clear Android cache from settings there is no need of those types of cleaners app.

Don’t trust fake messages

On internet whenever you visit any website there are many links for Fake apps which like supposed “Download Gold Whatsapp” and others. Those are Fake Application which is fake and of no use in fact they may harm your Android device.

Those Type of Fake apps may also unverified apps which can have virus and can also leak your private information too. So please be careful with those Fake apps.


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