12 Unknown facts about Malaika Arora Khan


There is no doubt that she is the hottest item girl of Bollywood. I bet you might not know some lesser malaika arora khan unknown facts. There is no doubt that she is the hottest item girl of Bollywood.

1. She didn’t want to be an actress

She loves dancing more than acting. This is the reason why she has huge numbers of item songs.This vibrant actress has numerous items songs to her credit and she loves dancing more than acting. She had done a music video like “Gur Naal Ishq Mitha” and “Chaiyya Chaiyya”  in the starting of her career. Once she told in an interview that if she is offered to do a movie then she would choose only action generic film. More preferable is a superhero movie.

2. Malika like Arbaaz more than Salman

Once Malika and her sister Amrita went to a club and she spotted Arbaaz. At that time Malika told her sister that you all girls might be crazy about Salman Khan but I am crazy for this guy. She said that he is made for her. He is my kind of guy.

3. During a coffee ad shoot, she and Arbaaz meet for the first time

They both fell in love after that coffee ad shoot. A lot happened between them after that coffee ad shoot. They were spotted together for lots of time after that shoot.

4. She is one of the craziest fan of Hrithik Roshan dancing

Her favorite Bollywood dancer is Hrithik. She can do anything to share the dancing floor with him. We all also would definitely love to see them setting fire on the floor.

5. Started taking dance classes at the age of 4

She is a trained dancer. Malaika started dancing at an age of 4 years and never stopped dancing since then.  She had taken training in ballet, Bharatnatyam, and even Jazz ballet. The sexiest moves of ballet are reflected in the song “Munni badnam hui” from film Dabangg.

6. She is extremely protective of her younger sister Amrita

Her parents got divorced and that’s why Malaika grew up taking care of Amrita. Malaika has grown very close to her sister and still very much is.

7. Loves to stay fit and be in shape

She works out thrice a week and follows a regular healthy diet plan. One who is very concise about her fitness and is known for her fitness regime. She is a mother still had a curvaceous body which is very attractive. Her work out includes Yoga, kickboxing, squats, free weights, medicine balls and body weight lifting.

8. She would love to be a teacher

If she wasn’t a dancer then she would love to be a teacher. She was interested in Child Psychology during her school days.

9. She loves high heels

Once she told that, she would love to be buried in which high heels when she dies. She had a classic collection of high heels footwear and she loves to be in it. Whenever she went out to foreign countries she always buys a pair of high heels she told.

10. She was a tomboy while growing up

She became an MTV VJ where she discovered her sultry side. Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss are her style icons.

11. She ended up 18 years old marriage with Arbaaz

Arbaaz Khan and Malika Arora got married in 1998 and was granted divorce by the Bandra family court. This couple has ended their 18 years of long marriage with divorce. The custody has decided that their son Arhaan will remain with Malaika. While Arbaaz will have access to his son whenever he wants.

12. Malaika Arora Khan was having affair with Arjun Kapoor

Ohhh man that’s just a rumors, They both are just friends and people had misconstrued their close friendship into an affair. Malaika says “Arjun is a very good friend of mine. But people give a very different meaning to it, which isn’t true.” Even while filing their mutual separation in March, the couple had agreed that their decision is not because of a third person.


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