5 Occasions when Narendra Modi Broke Down in Tears


India’s 14th and current prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has changed a lot of things in India. From the day he joined office, he has been working continuously for India without getting tired and without taking a single leave. PM Modi is considered as strength of India but recently during a speech, he broke down in tears. It’s not the first time when he got emotional in public. Here are some occasions when Narendra Modi broke down in tears.

On November 8, 2016 – Goa

during the period of demonetization while addressing a group of people in Goa, he got emotional. He broke down in tears when he said I’ve left my house, family and everything for my country.

In January 2016 at Baba Saheb Bheemrao Ambedkar University

In January 2016, at a convocation held in Baba Saheb Bheemrao Ambedkar University, while talking about Rohit Vemula, PM Modi got tears in his eyes. He said, “A mother has lost his son and I can understand the pain she is suffering from.”

September 2015 in America

During a Visit to America in September 2015, when Modi was answering Mark Zuckerburg’s questions in Facebook Headquarters, he got emotional while talking about struggles of his mother.

In May 2014 On Lalkrishna Advani’s speech

In May 2014 after being elected as leader of parliamentary party he broke in tears while talking about Lalkrishna Adwani’s speech (It’s all Narendra Modi’s mercifulness). While crying, Modiji said Mr. Adwani shouldn’t use the word like mercy, because it’s not a mercy to serve mother. BJP is like a mother to me.

In May 2014, before elected Prime Minister

In May 2014, before getting elected as Prime Minister of India, an special session was held for him in Gujarat assembly. When leaders from opposition were praising his work and congratulating him, he broke down in tears.


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