These 5 things are banned in North-Korea


Korea is one of the world’s most mysterious country. North Korea has tried to destroy many nations by the nuclear tests, but Korean dictator Kim Jong is considered dangerous, while its laws are also considered to be dangerous. these 5 things are banned in North-Korea.

Here such things have been banned, without which people can not imagine their life. Let’s know what is banned in North Korea.

Blue jeans:


It is being said that North Korea also banned Blue Jeans. The reason behind this is that Blue Jeans is considered a symbol of American imperialism.



People drink alcohol during every festive occasion or a function, but in this country, drinking alcohol is just banned. It doesn’t matter you may have lot of money, but you can not drink alcohol in this country.


At some points in life, it is important to crack jokes and shayaris for entertainment.But in North Korea, people are not allowed to share jokes. The sharing of jokes and such messages are banned. If someone does this, then strict action will be taken against him.

Saying North Korea is banned:

Everybody takes the name of their country wholeheartedly but addressing this country as North Korea is also a crime. It is said that the government of this country wants to recognize it by the name’ Korea ‘.

Compliance of religion:

Everybody is aware of his religion and has compliance of his religion completely.But in this country, no one is allowed to follow any religion because people over here are not bounded by any religious sentiments.


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