5 Things you should learn from Dhinchak Pooja


Since she uploaded her first song on internet, people started making fun of her. In last 10 months she uploaded only 11 videos on her YouTube channel. But, there are hundreds of videos available on YouTube that are actually trolling and roasting this girl! Well, you like her or you don’t. But, here are 5 things that you should learn from Dhinchak Pooja.

Image: YouTube
  1. Do what you like: For Example – If you’re interested in painting, photography than do not select any other jobs. Just do what your heart says! No matter if someone likes your idea/passion or not, but if you like it you should do it. Everyone knows that only passion is the way to success. Dhinchak Pooja is doing the same. She likes it and she is doing it.
  2. Be Confident: Always be confident about your work and never let hurdles block your path. Dhinchak Pooja always get trolled but she never stops! When she uploaded her first video, she was trolled badly but still she didn’t lose her confident and made more two songs.
  3. Don’t care about people: Before starting anything, the first question comes in our mind is “What people would say?. If you stop thinking and caring about people than only you could do your work properly. See how many haters Pooja have got but she don’t give a damn about anyone! She is just minding her own business.
  4. You’re not born to impress everyone : Dhinchak Pooja just wants to satisfy the singer inside her. She’s not here to impress everyone, but she’s entertaining everyone for sure! She is a sensation now, she is a subject of memes & jokes.
  5. Hard work is key to success : She tried her best in each of her videos. She started with Swag Wali Topi and than she sung Daaru Both these songs went viral but received only a few lakhs of views. But, her recent track Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj was a big hit and was trending in YouTube trends for a couple of days and has also received 1 crore+ views.

So guys, we’re not haters or lovers of Dhinchak Pooja but we loved these facts about her and despite being a bad singer she is an example of a person who would never give up on her dreams. Everyone should follow these 5 rules we shared here to get success in their lives. No matter how many haters and hurdles you face, no matter if you’re being part of a joke. Don’t give up!

Here is latest video of Dhinkchak Pooja


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