Top 5 Most Useful Android Apps Every User Must Install


There are billions of application available in the market nowadays. We get confused in filtering out the best apps which are very useful in our daily life. Here are the top 5 most useful android apps which will be useful in your day to day life. In this article, I won’t discuss applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This list consists of the apps which you won’t know whether this app exists in market or not.

1. PhonePe – Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment

Try: PhonePe

There is an application like Bhim and Paytm but this app is one step ahead of it. In Bhim, we can only transfer money to bank accounts and there wasn’t any wallet kind of thing or you can’t pay bills and recharge using this app. While Paytm is a wallet app where you can have your wallet, pay bills, recharge online and do bank transfers. But the only disadvantage of this app was that whenever anyone sends you the money it goes in the wallet rather than the bank. Then you need to transfer this money to your bank account which takes some charge. So now PhonePay comes into the picture. PhonePe is a UPI app same as Bhim but has extra features than Bhim like it has its wallet, you can pay bills and recharge too using this app. There is one extraordinary feature in PhonePe which is self-transfer. Using Self feature of PhonePe you can transfer money between your bank accounts without filling any bank details every time. You just need to add bank once and it’s done.

2. 1Mg

Try: 1Mg

1mg is your complete health App that tells you about your medicines, their substitutes, and side effects.


Just type in the medicine name and we’ll show you cheaper substitutes. Some can easily be 90% cheaper than what you’re prescribed.

Book Lab Tests

Book important health tests like blood tests, thyroid tests, diabetes tests through the app, sitting at home, and get the sample picked up from home.


Know important details like Doctor’s Reviews, Feedback, Consultation Fees, Clinic Address, among other important factors. Find doctors from all specialities including Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Orthopedists, General Physicians, Neurologists, just to name a few.

3. CamScanner

Try: CamScanner

If you’re on the go and need to capture a document or quickly sketched pen-and-paper annotation, consider using CamScanner, an app for the iPhone and Android. CamScanner is an iPhone and Android app that turns your smartphone into a portable document scanning device. It uses the camera on your smartphone to take a snapshot of a document and then it convert that document into a scanned copy by applying Image processing. You can scan document like newspaper articles, agreements, whiteboard sketches, book excerpts, business cards, tickets, coupons, and so on. SO NOW NO LONGER TO VISIT STORE TO SCAN YOUR DOCUMENT!!!

4. UrbanClap – Service Experts

Try: UrbanClap

UrbanClap will help you hire local professionals to get things done that matter in your life. This app consists of contact information of Carpenter, electricians, plumbers, appliance repair technicians, home cleaners, pest control experts, DJ, Income Tax, Electronics repair, Yoga instructor, Photographer, Make up professional, Birthday planner, Interior designer, Guitar teacher, Counselors, Tax consultant etc. In short, you can get contact person of whatever problem you face in your life. You can book services at your home at the time convenient to you.

5. Spy Camera OS 3

Try: Spy Camera OS 3

This is an app to capture any scene going on in front of you without exploring. Spy Camera OS run in the background, allowing you run any other app (e.g browser) while still capturing image/video in the background. It will work even you turn the screen off. So now no one will know when you are capturing someone’s video or photos. It has functionality like Burst shot, Auto shot with delay setting, Video recording, etc.


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