7 Notable Changes Reliance Jio has Brought to India


It has been a year when Reliance Jio was opened for testing, it started with Reliance’s employees and now more than 100M Indians are using Jio’s services. Mukesh Ambani didn’t only shook the telecom industry but his new venture has also brought so many changes in India. Reliance Jio has changed the way India used Mobile Phones & Internet. We’re heading towards digital revolution. Here are 7 notable changes that Reliance Jio has brought to India.

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Notable Changes Reliance Jio has Brought to India
  1. Minimized Consumer Exploitation: Indian Telecom companies were interested only in looting people. They had nothing to do with customer satisfaction. All the operators had set same rates for service and there was nothing like competition. Consumer was being exploited because he had no choice, he had to suffer! But, everything was changed when Jio made its entry to the market. Prices were dropped; high speed data is now available at minimal rates. Now every operator is trying best to satisfy customers and provide them best services at a reasonable rate.
  2. Internet for Everyone: With the concept of Internet for Everyone, Jio offered it’s free services for more than 6 months and has connected many rural areas with Internet.
  3. Increase in demand of 4G SmartPhones : Jio has increased the demand of 4G smartphones in India. Now everyone wants a 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone so they can enjoy premium benefits of Jio services.
  4. Endless talks: Now nobody cares about call durations! Everyone is talking endlessly on the phone because you just have to pay a small amount and you can get unlimited calls along with some 3G/4G data. Even now boys can attend their girlfriend’s calls! Also, now people won’t be able make an excuse that they were in roaming area that’s why they didn’t accept your call.
  5. Decreased Piracy: Jio has also helped reducing piracy. Because, now everyone has lots of data but there devices are already full with so much of data! So, people now like to stream videos and songs online using apps like YouTube, Wynk, Gaana etc.
  6. Online Shopping and online transactions are increased: Indians have now learnt to use their debit cards, internet banking online to recharge, pay bills and buy products. Also, in free time people are browsing online shopping merchants and purchasing products from them.
  7. Increased rate of Spam and Phishing: Phishing and Spam rate is increased in these days. The main reason behind it is, India is not a 100% literate country. Many illiterate people who do not even have any idea about internet frauds have started using Internet and are getting fooled easily. For the spam part, just check YouTube’s trending page. People are watching some stupid videos and are making them trend on YouTube, WhatsApp is also flooded with spam messages now.

Apart from these all Jio is all set to introduce Jio Gigafiber, Jio Set Top Boxes and other cheap products to market soon.


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