These 8 Battery Saving tips will change your life

Here is some tips to increase your phone’s battery life

Smartphones have become an important part of everyone’s life. They give us entertainment, ease to connect with world. But sometimes comes a condition when you have to do perform an important task but the phone shows battery low. Here we’ve bring these 8 battery saving tips which will change your life and give your smartphone some extra juice.

Turn off connectivity features when not in use:

If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or not sharing something over Bluetooth or NFC, than you should turn off these features. Because they keep sucking your battery juice even when not in use.

Turn Off Auto Updates:

If you’ve turned on Auto Updates in play store, than whenever an app gets an update, your phone will automatically start downloading the updates. It will consume battery and also your mobile data.

Try not to use touch sounds:

Touch sounds are cool, but they also consume your battery power. So, try not to use them. Also, you should turn off haptic feedback (vibrates).

Your Phone’s Screen is the main culprit:

Your Mobile’s screen is the main culprit as it consumes the most of your phones battery. To prevent this, you should not use auto brightness feature. Because, it uses a sensor which keeps running and checking the lighting conditions. You should always set your brightness manually according to your lighting conditions. Also, set screen time out at minimum level and try not to use live wallpapers.

Disable Background Data Usage:

There are many apps which keep running in the background and also use your mobile data. So, disable background data usage for the apps that are not important. Don’t do this for WhatsApp, Messenger else you will not receive new messages.

Don’t Use Fake Charger:

Always use original chargers, we’re not telling you to use only Samsung’s charger for Samsung, third party chargers are also good. But, beware of fake chargers they are unhealthy for your phone’s battery.

Turn off Siri & Google:

If you don’t use them regularly, then you should turn them off. Because they also keep running in background and your mic is always on and listening to you. This way it consumes more mobile battery.

Don’t use Motion Features:

Motion effects like waving gestures to unlock your phone are also enemies of your phones battery. Don’t use them and also don’t try third party apps to use this feature.


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