8 Things to consider before buying a smartphone


That no one can deny have got us addicted to smart phones. The reality is that in today’s date it has become our need. Phone calls and messages are very basic requirements, now the thing is about music, video and camera. Wise users also want information on technical issues like phone RAM, processor and screen resolution.


What is your Smartphone’s job really? The name itself is clear, phones that work smart. Common features are fine, now many high-tech features like web browsing, GPS navigation and activity tracking are expected to be in only one device.

If you think that buying a phone first was an easy task, then you are in confusion, it was also difficult before and even today in the even more. The main reasons for this are: Technology and many options.

If you are planning to buy a new Smartphone then these suggestions are for your work.:

What do you want?

Before buying a Smartphone, take a key note, just like the phone. You only buy products that meets your use. Do not be trapped in the face of appearances. And by all copying your friends, you can avoid it. Because the phone is very personal. You have to use. Moreover it is also a kind of investment,  a wrong decision and dipped your money. Keeping in mind the parameters like camera, processor, RAM, battery and brand, you choose your new phone, and the most important is the budget.

Finalize your budget

The unique connection of facilities and money. It is the same with the smart phone, the more money you put, the better the phone will find. But the key question is what is your budget? Officially no price segment is not fixed, but we have tried to make it easy for you.

Usable cheap smart phones are in the range of 5,000 to Rs 10,000. Equipped with several key features between Rs 15,000 to 10,000 a modern Smart phone can be yours. 15,000 to 30,000 rupees are considered as mid-range segments. However, the products of the features in this range which is quite evident difference depending on different brands. Above Rs 30,000, you get high-end smart phones, including flagship-level devices. Some flagship handsets and unique high-end features mobile also found in between 40,000 to Rs 65,000.

Which brand is like you?

Choosing the brand before buying a smart phone is an important step, because it depends many things. Software updates with well-known brands and customer support is assured of services. Perhaps that is why most users prefer to go with the big brands. First you are readily available in the Products market these brands. E-commerce website or retail market, you can shop at your convenience from both places. Today many companies in the market. You have to listen to the names of brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony and Micromax too. But options have become too much for the customers after the introduction of many foreign companies. Is the most important thing in such a way that you are taking a call from the brand, what the Customer Care Center in your city. Also what is the feedback of the old users of the brand?

Which operating system you want?

Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS 10, there are many options for you. Every operating system has many features that Bin few drawbacks. Android platform in India hit and its market share is the highest. And due to the open-source nature of many mobile brands are making phones with this operating system.

Most third-party applications for the iOS and Android platforms are available. Due to the cost of iOS-based iPhone it does not fit in the pocket of everyone. However, Android-based smart phones are found in every price segment. Your mind is filled with these two operating systems you can use Windows Mobile Microsoft. Market the product in terms of performance reports were also positive. However, third-party apps are less in comparison to iOS or Android on Windows Mobile. Besides buying call first make sure to check whether you versions to meet operating system.

How much RAM and which processor do you want?

The speed of any Smartphone and its multi-tasking depends on the level processor and RAM. Also keep in mind that different hardware requirements for each operating system. Such as that required Windows Phone to the latest version of Android’s latest version of the low processor speed and RAM.

Projected performance of processors in Android world is usually applied to the core. The more core processor Android phone performance is likely to be much better. So much will cores will be multitasking with their help and also easy, should be suitable RAM. Consider such needs cores that you are playing games on their mobile at a time, the song you are listening and moving downloaded in the background. For single-core processors, it is extremely difficult to handle so many tasks simultaneously. In this case, multi-core works. In this way, dual core will always be better than a single core, so we can say for Android. We cannot just decide on the basis of the core how the phone’s performance will be. Now Take Apple, its latest iPhone 6’s and 6’s Plus handsets come with dual-core processors in terms of performance, it is not less than any high-end Android device.

Market available processors such. Snapdragon, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek, are some of them Also some damage to its advantages of each processor. MediaTek and Qualcomm processors work fine. By the way, some devices are also coming with Intel and Nvidia processors. You can choose any of these.

Like any other computing device, a Smartphone needs random access memory (RAM) to execute the program. Performance of the phone depends on the extent of RAM. For the kind of features that are coming in today’s Smartphone, the RAM of 1GB is extremely important. If your phone has more RAM than it is, the better thing. If you need ultra-smooth performance from your phone buy the phone with a 1.5 GB or more of RAM.

Which screen do you require?

The screen size of a mobile phone is measured in diagonally. Today, most of the smart phones are screen sizes of 4 to 6.5 inches. Smartphone with a 4-5 inch screen are considered to be better, keeping it in your hands is also highly configurable. However, it will depend on how much screen you want. If you are addicted to small screens, the 4-5 inch display is fine for you. Some people like bigger displays, they also have many options in the market.

How much battery life do you want?

Any battery for Smartphone user Life is the most important property. These days the phones come with removable and non-removable batteries. In the Smartphone use non-removable batteries that are more sleek. Non-removable are some advantages with battery, are back cover more secure and the possibility of water entering the phone and damage is also reduced. But it is not at all that they completely waterproof. Some user removable battery as beneficial, because they prefer to carry extra batteries. When the first battery is over Change it and use the other. But now that does not make sense to carry the batteries separately market available Pavar bank in. Battery size is also important.

What do you need camera resolution?

If you have a good camera behind buying a Smartphone, then get complete information about the resolution, rear camera, front camera, LED flash, auto focus and video recording. Rear 5 megapixel camera is considered basic features of today’s date, the bottom of the camera are completely useless for the photography. If you make research about so also is fond of taking selfies or video chat front camera. Well Selfi will you need at the front of the camera at 5 megapixels, but will also work with 2 megapixels. Clear that just do not make the mistake of judging the performance of the camera smartphone seeing megapixels. Many times it happens that the weak pictures than the sensor 21 megapixel camera with 13 megapixels.

By taking care of these things you can buy a good Smartphone for you.


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