These advance features will be available in Android 8


Google launches new Android operating system in its I/O event. The name of the new OS will be Android 8.0 O. O can be from Oreo, but Google has not yet provided any information about it. However, it has just launched for the beta version. However, it’s currently in beta version.
The Android 8.0 official launch will be on October. By the way, the new version of Android has been made more hi-tech. It will be powerful and user-friendly compared to Android Nougat.
The Google Android O operating system will be first launched in Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets. After this, it will be updated to Nexus devices such as Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Pixel C and then release for other companies smartphones.

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What’s the name of the Android’s new version

What is the name of Google’s operating system Android O, it is still suspense. But according to some media reports and some photos on Twitter, it can be named ‘OREO’.

Battery optimizing

Google is working on battery operating in the new operating system Android O. According to the developer preview report, it has been added to the feature called ‘Background Limit’. This feature will stop the apps running in the background. Thereby saving battery life.

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Notification Channels

Android O operating system will have an advanced feature called ‘Notification Channels’. It will be a special thing that the user can create the group of notifications the user wants. Also, if you want notifications from the news app just for tech news, then it will come.

Picture in picture

In this feature, the user will also be able to use the another app with viewing video or photo. A pop-up will appear when watching the video in its use, which the user can place on the corner of the screen. These features will work as YouTube.

Advance Wi-Fi

The new operating system will have advance Wi-Fi system. Currently do not know anything about this how it will work. With this, key-board navigation will also be part of the new features of Android O.

Advance Google Assistant

Android O will be an advanced version of Google Assistant. The company claims that it will be more advanced than siri of iOS. It will also be used by iPhone users.

Automatically text copying

The new operating system will also have automatic text copying features. There is no information about how this will work, but it will have easier copy paste than ever before.

Change the icon shape

Brand new interface of Google’s new Android operating system. This time Google has worked on changing the look of icons. Also, there will be a new theme for Android.


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