Blogging : Turn Your Passion into Profession


If you have a habit of writing large posts on social networks or love writing, than you should start blogging. Because, “Everyone wants to read and millions of people are looking for solution of their problems.” If you have collected good knowledge about something, than you can share the wisdom with others over internet. You might be doing this on your Facebook account or to your WhatsApp group. But, it reaches to only a few people. If you want to reach a large audience and would like to make some money out of it. Than keep reading..

Blogging for Beginners

First of all, you have to choose a platform where you want to publish all your articles. For a beginner, I suggest you to go for Blogger. It’s a free blogging platform offered by Google. You can write your content from mobile or from your PC and yeah by selecting a theme of your choice you can give a better look to your blog.

Blogging takes time, but if you are passionate about delivering good content to your users, than you will grow your audience continuously. Now there is a question in your mind.. “What to write?” Well, whatever you like! If you like to tell people about how they can use excel or how they can take better photographs with their smartphone. You can select any topic and start writing on it. Also you can share your personal thoughts. But remember, you have to maintain the niche. If you’re writing about fashion, than write about fashion and not politics.

How to drive traffic to your blog?

After you create blog, your second step is to bring people to read your articles. You can share your articles on social networks like facebook, twitter etc. If your post is relevant to people, than they’ll click your link and read it. Also add your website to Google Webmaster tools. So, Google can crawl your pages and show them to people who are searching for it.

How to make money with blogs?

After you setup a blog and have done posting about 20-30 quality posts (written by you only), than you can apply for an Adsense account.  Adsense is Google’s advertising network which let’s you money from your website users.  When they see ads, click on them and purchase something or install apps or create accounts, than you get paid for the same.

Note : Don’t click your own ads nor force your friends to click for you. Google knows everything and they’ll block your account instantly.

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Hope you like this post of ours. Well, this is just an intro to blogging world. This post is like surface of water. Blogging is a deep ocean and if you do some hard work and do it on regular basis, you will surely success and make money from home.


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