China extends Solution to husbands, wives of shopping for ladies, free massage and video gaming in the mall


China has found a permanent solution to the problems faced by all the husband’s in the world while having to go for a shopping drive with their wives.

There may be many such things which you have to do in your life which you don’t like. From the list of all such problems, the one of the most common found is husband’s forced to go shopping with their wives. Husbands hate 2 things mostly: one among them is window shopping and the other one is going to shop in a no sale store. Still there is no solution to this problem in INDIA but China has successfully found a better solution for the husband’s.


In a city named shanghai in CHINA, there exists a mall named High-end mall. The partners of this mall have included a section called ‘Husband rest booth’ or ‘Private lounge’. This private lounge includes a relaxing massage chair along with a screen in front of the chair which has different video games along with the options of watching television as well.

In this mall there are 4 such booths and each booth cost 40,000 yuan, which is approximately equal to  Rs 386300 /-.And the best thing about it is anyone can book the booth from their mobile applications and it’s almost free of cost.



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