This Company Is Selling Water At 65 Lakhs Per Bottle! Know What’s So Special


We all have the routine habit of carrying a bottle of water with us wherever we go. We keep the bottle in the bag before leaving. And if we forget to carry the bottle, we buy another bottle from the market place to quench the thirst. If you are asked about what is the highest price of the water bottle you purchased till date, your answer might be 100 rs or less than that, but not higher than 200 rs. It might be difficult to find more costly water around us.But the bottle of water which we will be talking about today costs not in thousands, but in lakhs.

The company that packs this water in the bottle will directly supply it to you from Beverly Hills, for which you will have to pay 65 lakh rupees. Just like any expensive bottle of wine, this bottle of water will make you feel the same.

This bottle of water which is available and costs 65 lakh of bucks is specially given a luxurious collection look The cap of this bottle is made up of gold, to which there are 600 white and 250 black diamonds of 14 carats. A separate and different case is also made for each bottle. This bottle of water has been named Beverly Hills 9OH2O. To facilitate its customers, the company also has a one-year lifestyle collection of Beverly Hills 9OH2O.

By having a glance at its global market, the company is preparing to roll out this product in India too. This company’s headquarters is in Beverly Hills, California. The water in this bottle will also be taken from the water springs from the high mountains

Beverly Hills Drink Co-founder and President Jon Gluck says that ‘Beverly Hills 9OH2O’s test will be smooth and light.’

Those who can not buy Diamond Collection of this water do not need to be sad. The company has also introduced the same brand with two separate categories, which includes 4 sub-products. There is also a pack of 500 ML with a 1-litre bottle. These products from the company can be purchased from nightclubs along with luxury hotels big restaurants. The smallest packet in this series will cost Rs 800.

This brand has made its first international distribution agreement, which includes 18 countries of the world, including India and Arabia. In Middle Asia this brand has good relations with the Arabian royal family.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O in India is expected to be launched in middle of the year 2018.


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