5 Countries of World with no Sunset


There are many countries in the world who are known for their different identity. Some of these countries of world with no sunset. Yes, there are many countries in the world where there is no night and the sun sets out for months. Let’s know about some such places.

  1. Norway

Norway is a country surrounded by mountains from all sides. In this country the sun does not completely sink for 76 days of the year which makes it difficult for the locality or population to step out of their houses during these days. It is also called Land of the Midnight Sun due to sunset in the country from May to July.

2. Finland

In this country, the sun shines its light for approximately 73 days from May to July. During these days of summer, it is difficult to get out of the house due to extreme sun light.The sun does not set for 73 long days.

3. Canada

Canada is known as the world’s second largest city. In the north-western part of the country, the sun shines for 50 days during the summer and there is no darkness in the night.

4. Alaska

Alaska is famous for its beautiful glacier country. Even in this country, the sun does not sink from May to July.

5. Iceland

Iceland is the largest and beautiful island in the country of Europe.In this Island, The sun shines from May until the end of July.



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