Most dangerous train routes around the world


This is the world’s most dangerous railway track, which will blow your minds.

Internet desk-Many times in your life, you might have travelled through train. But you might have only travelled through common railway routes. We are going to tell you about such railway routes, which will blow away your senses. A community of engineers have created the rail route with the help of skills and science at such a place where even the nature has given up.people get shocked by having glance at this route, but still there are trains passing by this route. So lets talk about the world’s most dangerous railway track.

1. Kuranda Spanick Railway

This railway track passes through Baron Gorges National Park in Australia. There is a big waterfall near this track. When the train passes through this track, water of the springs splash over the passengers.

2. Argo Gede Train Railroad This rail track is in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. These rail tracks are between valleys and rivers.

3. Outeniqua Railway track This railway track is located in South Africa, and these tracks are up to the Outeniqua Transport Museum. The train runs between river flowing down the track and through several paths.4. The railway route is very old in Comber’s and Trolltech Railroad America’s New Mexico.5. Haute Pass and Yukon Route

These tracks are made in the US state of Alaska. These tracks pass through the snowy areas where there are heavy snowfalls and ice accumulated.


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