7 Things you didn’t know about air hostess life


Even though from the outside it looks that an Air hostess lifestyle is very simple and easy, but trust me it’s not. An air hostess lifestyle no doubt is high-flying and luxurious but there are other aspects too that are not much known.

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There are some dark side of being an air hostess which you might have not think of, as because when you think of air hostess you get a luxurious life in mind. You haven’t think of Air hostess problems which they face in their life because of their job.

Body clock (Lack of rest)

The body clock is disturbed generally and there isn’t a stable life. They get minimum amount of rest. Air hostess working hours changes by flight to flight and day to day, they don’t have any fixed pattern.

Also they need to fly six days a week with no fixed off. Their timing change from flight to flight, it isn’t fixed. They don’t have any fixed timing of going to work and again coming back from work. The natural body clock gets drastically disturbed by this thing. Long flights need the crew to be attentive for long duration, so a proper rest in flight is almost impossible.

No Seasonal Vacation

Seasonal vacation like Diwali, summer holidays, Christmas etc. are very difficult to get. We can say that it’s almost impossible to get seasonal off for some festivals or vacations. There is a huge no of crowd travelling in festivals and vacations. And that is how it affects the air hostess. Number of flight are also increased in festival and as number of flights increases, the no of air hostess needed will be obviously increase. This thing leads to no holidays. Air hostess life photos rarely include their family members as they don’t get much time to spend with them.

Emergency / death on board

This would be a worldwide thing yet it is one of the dim side on the Air hostess lifestyle. If during an emergency / death on board happens the Cabin crew in-charge as well as the first crew assisting needs to write a huge essay about it also needs to answer a panel with questions. They needs to answer each and every question which disturbs them mentally as well as emotionally.

Not allowed to gain weight

Once you’re issued with a uniform, that’s it – you can’t change it for a size bigger if you find you’ve put on a few money.  The aircraft will give you one month to lose the weight – else you will be put on a weight administration program. Needs to stay fit and healthy, some have also lose their jobs as because they don’t stay fit.

Grooming standards are strict

Ask why air hostess team dependably look faultless? That’s because they’re disciplined if grooming standards aren’t followed. Skirts can’t go above the knee, heels must not be higher than three inches, lipstick has to be a certain shade of red and constantly applied, and nails must always be manicured with only pink, red or French polish. Being is best beauty is must if you are an air hostess.

Quiz before each flight

Before embarking on every journey, we undergo a briefing with the senior cabin crew member, in which we are asked two emergency procedure questions and one medical. Inability to answer effectively implies being removed from the flight.

Lesser pay

The pay is not the most handsome in private Indian budget carriers. Pilots are well taken care of when it comes to pay in India and air hostess are not. They get lesser than the things that are coping up with. They are treated as a low class servant/waitress/waiter.


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