DEMU – India’s first ever Solar Train, Know how does the Solar Train works


We All have heard about electric cars as well as electric trains but have you ever heard about Solar Trains.

So Let’s Know how does the Solar Train works:


DEMU Train System – Solar train project of India

By 2030, we would be mostly using Electric cars. The Main idea is to reduce the use of petrol and diesel and to move on electric energy which can be generated by solar plant, wind plant or even from nuclear plants.

All of us know that Indian Railways is the one of the biggest railway network, which consists of more than 11,000 trains, where most of trains are electric but still are trains where diesel is used. Therefore to reduce the use of Diesel Indian railways launches solar train -DEMU this uses solar technology.

DEMU stands for Diesel electric Multiple Unit. Demu train is the India’s first solar train which was launched on 14th July .It was launched at the safdarjung railway station. Solar Panels are installed over the train compartment. In this Around 16 solar panel are installed on each Compartment. Output for each solar panel is 300Wp. Using the locomotive “Make in India”

The solar panels are made in India. India’s Railway ministers Suresh Prabhu have announced that it will generate 1000 MV of solar Energy in next five years. The Railways is planning to introduce 50 more such coaches in the Upcoming days.

The energy obtained by the solar panel is no used for operating the trains as it would be negligible compared to diesel engine. But we use electricity not only to operate trains but also for fans, lights, AC’s, information board etc. So if we use solar panel instead of using the diesel for those appliance we can save the diesel and the Money too! Currently the railways is going to install those solar panel only on that non-AC Compartments only .

Now talking about the cost, so to install those panels 56 lakh’s rupees are required which means 9 lakhs for each compartment. It will be able to save 21 thousand liters of diesel which is around 12 lakh rupees for each train. Nearly 700 crore will be saved once the full project is completed.

The DEMU train is also taking some other eco-friendly measures like Bio-tiolets, water recycling, water disposal, CNG and LNG and harnessing the wind energy.

Talking about the battery backup for that panel’s it is 72 hours. Which ensure that there can be sufficient power is sunlight is not present.

The first rake off the train will be out put in commercial service over the suburban railway system of Delhi division shortly. Routes are yet to be decided and will be decided soon.

Advantages of solar train

1. Helps Slow Down Global warming

Global warming threatens the survival of human society, as well as the survival of countless species. As it reduces the consumption of diesel and carbon dioxide. It will reduce carbon dioxide by 9 tons per coach per year. So to Enforce Eco-friendly Environment this is really helpful.

2. Saves huge amount of money

As the amount of diesel is decreased the money used to buy that diesel will be saved and so there would be saving of lots of money.


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