Encounters specialist: Pradeep sharma is back


The story is filmy so lets tell this story in the form of a film.

The policeman is the center of the story. So brave that even the masters of underworld bow before him. whoever tried to run away from his gun’s target, his death is fixed. He was actually the son of a teacher, But destiny had something more for him. he was destined to become a policeman. A policeman from 1983 batch! This batch is remembered for destroying the whole underworld from MUMBAI. one after another, he completed 113 encounters and his name shined in one of the biggest encounter specialist in mumbai. But his destiny turned to be wrong when his name was included in the fake encounter of chota rajan’s one of the most favourite lakkhan bhaiyya and he was expelled from his service.


After 9 long years his comeback has been possible. once again he will wear his uniform and once again he will be one of the best encounters specialist.

This was a true story of inspector pradeep sharma, from mumbai crime branch who was expelled for 9 long years. Today inspector pradeep sharma will get back his uniform and his name will be removed from the false or fake lakhan’s encounter.


Pradip sharma’s first posting was done in mumbai’s mahim police station. By looking at his dedication towards his work he got transferred to special branch. The world still remembers sharma’s first encounter. The bullet was hit to shubhash makadvala. This story is from 1993 long back when shubhash makadvala tried to escape but could not escape from the 9mm carbine of sharma.

Sharma continued to be the encounter specialist and famous till 3 years. It was in 1996 when he was first questioned for his post when his name got tangled with the underworld and he was sent to chandanchauki even after that his name was involved in the ghatkoper attack. In 2007, he was sent to dharavi police station in the false claim of encounter.

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