How to get refund on your cancelled flights


Did you ever faced flight cancellations because of any emergency situation? And that last minute cancellation causes customer a lot of monetary loss due to high ticket cancellation charges. In publicized cases many passengers were told to DE board, passengers aren’t even aware about their entitlements even if the airline provides them an alternate flight. In enlightening such cases and helping at such situation, passengers should know what they can do if they got some emergency cancellation. They should know about cancelled flights and also about having alternate booking to avoid high ticket cancellation charges. To help such type of customers and get back the maximum compensation for their flight, a travel technology company, which is helping fliers to travel with ease. This high tech website is helping customers to get information about cancelled flights, cancellation charges, and how they can claim their refund for their cancelled ticket. The company is started in 2016 in INDIA and getting good response (about 100 queries a month) and we are solving customers request with satisfactory result. The company is helping customers in claiming their refund and compensating their ticket cancellation charges.

The website has tie up with lawyers to help customers resolving their queries and give the legal factors involved with all the rules and regulations set by the DGCA. In most of the cases customers are not aware about what should they do in such cases.

How the website do helps you?

Passengers can file their claims at Passenger can give their Flight details, journey date, PNR number, and other details asked by the site. Once when all the information is correctly entered on the page, the technology automatically compiles the information and generated compensation review with legal rules and regulation. Usually the compensation claiming is done within 30 days.


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