A GOAT which lives in AC room and has dry fruits and milk as his diet


Meerut – This is the place where this goat is existing. Meerut is in Uttar Pradesh.


In Meerut, this eid many goats are being displayed for Qurbani. The goat owned by Shahid Qureshi is not less in comparison with any other goats. This goat is treated in a royal way. The lifestyle of this goat includes royal facilities. The breakfast of this goat consist of cashew nuts and milk, and the lunch comprises of boiled grams. This goat named ‘Bhura’ has been attraction seeker.


This goat has been in the house  since 2 long years:


Shahid Qureshi, owner of  ‘Bhura’ lives in sotiganj in Meerut. He says that ‘Bhura’ was bought at their home before 2 years since then this goat isn’t taken out of the home. They have built a separate room at the terrace for ‘Bhura’. This room has an Ac to prevent the goat from heat during summers. Even during winters, heaters are available for making the temperature hot and for prevention from cold. This goat is treated like a part of the family.

This is the diet of ‘Bhura’ :


Shahid mentioned- Bhura’s’ diet includes dry fruits along with milk and grams. The dry fruits involve cashew nuts, almonds and much more. He is feed 2 kgs of dry fruits per day. Along with this, his day long diet includes boiled grams. The doctor visits regularly to check ‘Bhura’s’ health. Along with the dry fruits, he is also given paneer for 3 days in a week.

Bhura-Centre of attraction:


Bhura has been the center of attraction for many people around. Many of them visit from far away places to see Bhura.

Shahid mentioned that- till now, the price of Bhura has Not been fixed yet. Some people have agreed to pay 3 lakh rupees for Bhura.

Shahid’s children have much affection towards Bhura and they are attached to him. They have the habit of playing at least for one time in the whole day, with Bhura.



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