Google Play Music offering free subscription for 120 day

Google Play Music offering 120 day free subscription for new customers

Google is offering a four-month free subscription to Google Play Music on its music streaming service. This offer is only for new subscribers, in this offer users can scan up to 50,000 songs in their music library.

Image: Android Police

According to the Android police report, usually a 90 day free trial is available for anyone signing in Google Play Music. But now this offer has been extended for one month. You can click on this link for new special offers. Users can enjoy custom radio stations on their computer or mobile device using Google Play Music Service. However, users taking advantage of the free service may have to face advertising in the app. If don’t like to see advertising, you will have to pay 645 rupees monthly.

More than 35 million songs are available to listen to these users. In addition, such subscribers can download offline music for listening and they also get access to YouTube Red.

Google has license of complete music collection (about 35 million songs) in India. And these songs are available for streaming or offline listening. Apart from this, Google is offering this feature at the lowest possible level than its biggest competitor Apple Music. Apple Music is available on a subscription of Rs. 120 per month in India.


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