What is Gorilla Glass? Need A Screen Protector or Not?


It is not an exaggerated thing, but you have to remember that the first phone had to be very careful about the display. A slight scratch on the phone’s screen also made us sad.

If the phone falls on the screen and the screen breaks, then the company’s service centre had to travel around for several days. But in a short span of time, the technology has changed and nowadays Smartphone display rocks have started coming firmly. Along with being strong, these displays have also become scratch registers over time. Which means that there is less chance of scratches in them? The technology has fascinated the worry of saving the phone’s display. This is due to a strong glass.

image source: neurogadget.com

You have many times seen the different types of display in its specification while purchasing a Smartphone. Many companies also sell and sell the robustness and hardness of the phone’s display. In newest Smartphone, the display has become so strong that if the phone is dropped from the height, the phone comes out of the booty but the display comes lightly on scratch only. You may have heard about the Gorilla Glass display too. Many smart phones come in Gorilla Glass. But do you know what this corning Gorilla Glass is all about?

Gorilla Glass is also a kind of strong glass that makes a company named Corning. Asahi’s glass trolley glass, etc. also makes other companies. But of these, Gorilla Glass is more popular. Gorilla Glass has just five generation launches. Gorilla Glass 5 is a lightweight, slim and dame repellent in weight. Many latest Smartphone are coming with Gorilla Glass 5.

Does Your Smartphone Really Need a Screen Protector?

If your Smartphone has a strong glass of some kind, then there will not be any scratches on the screen by ordinary use. So if you put a coin or a key with a Smartphone in a pocket, then there will not usually be a scratch on the screen. But if the Smartphone falls down on the ground several times, it may become a mark on it from dust or pebbles etc. So it is said not to be cautious with malfunction, if you can be on the screen of your Smartphone then keep the screen protector fixed. Because once the screen gets something done and you want to change it, it is a very expensive job. So, when the security of Rs 100 is getting protection from the protector.



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