Haseena Parkar: Everything You Need To Know About Queen Of Mumbai


Haseena Parker, who once ruled the underworld at a time, will soon be seen on the silver screen. Shraddha Kapoor is making her character come true on the big screen. A few months back, the teaser of this upcoming movie ‘Hasina – The Queen of Mumbai’ was released. Since then, there is talk about the name of Hasina Parker continuously.


Obviously, you also want to know who Hasina Parker who is, and after all, why is this film made on her life?
To know the answer to this question, you must walk in the late 80’s in Mumbai. This was the time when Hasina Parker became the second name of threat for Mumbai. This was such a thing that every person in Mumbai’s Nagpada area was shivering. Because of the reason being the sister of the most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim, Hasina was also known as Apa in the underworld of Mumbai.


The story of the movie ‘Hasina-The Queen of Mumbai’ draws a picture of Haseena parker from being a common girl to being the mother of four children and then called the Godmother of nagpada and finally the Mafia queen.


Hasina Parker was born in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Her father Ibrahim Kaskar was the head constable in Mumbai Police Department and mother Amina B was a housewife. She was the seventh sibling from the total of 10 children.

In 1991, Arun Gawli killed Hasina Parker’s husband Ismail Parker for revenge of the murder of his Father. To get his revenge, Dawood undertook JJ Hospital shootout in order to take the revenge. This case of JJ Hospital shootout has been the most sensational issue in the history of Gangland of Mumbai. After 1993 bomb blasts, Hasina’s brothers and sisters left Mumbai and after this Hasina took over the command of the world of crime committed by her brother.


After this, Hasina made her home in a building named Garden Hall of Nagpara area of Mumbai. It is said that Hasina loved this house so much that she broke the lock of the house and started living in it. Nobody had the power to complained against her.

Haseena’s name was famous for hawala rackets and ransom bans, deals with slum shops, expansion of films and rights for foreign release.

There were 88 cases on her name, but in spite of this, only a single FIR has been lodged against Hasina till the date.

The third was his brother Dawood Ibrahim. In the 80’s, his brother Dawood Ibrahim was known to be a crime syndicate for his D-Company.

On July 6, 2014, Hasina Parker died at the age of 55 due to heart attack.

Now Shraddha Kapoor is ready with her real-life brother Sidhhant Kapoor to go back to the 80’s era.This film will be released on 22nd September.


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