What is the HDR mode? and how it works


There was a time when people had a lot of enthusiasm about the camera, but today the smartphones have replaced those cameras, phone makers are very vigilant about the camera features, because the camera becomes an important part of the lives of people. Used to be. Nowadays, in a simple phone, the camera is available. Along with smartphone technology, the cameras are getting much improvement in the day. We have been using all the cameras but have you ever seen the HDR option when taking photos from the camera? Do you know how this feature works and when use this feature.

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What is the HDR mode and how it works?

HDR technology is very old, it has long been used in bigger cameras, now days this feature is also available in mobile phone cameras. Its technique is full name is the high dynamic range, it knows the difference between darkness and light. When we take photos in HDR mode, there are 3 photo clicks in different exposures in it, after which the camera automatically unites all of those photos together. This is the reason that the quality of the photos is very good when using this mode. You can use HDR mode to take good photos in low light or you are taking photos where the direct light is coming and due to that light the subject is not visible, then in this situation you also use it.

But do not use it where the subject is not stable, because the quality of the photo is not good in it and do not use it even in a place where the lights are in sufficient quantity, because the HDR mode does not work properly in such a place.

this is some example of HDR mode.

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