How to keep our body fit without visiting the gym

Reasons why people gym: each person has a different need to go to the gym as follows
  • Become thin
  • Can be muscular
  • Stay healthy
  • Maintain the body
  • Try to grow tall
  • Can increase the body weight
Health hazard and misconceptions:

It is true and proven that working out in the gym for longer hours can affect the functioning of our body. This may not cause any problem in short run but surely causes the problem in a long run as the body gets habituated to the gym and can’t take the change all at once. By this, our body starts aching and losing its shape, and it tends to become normal. Many people even encourage protein shakes to increase their weight which is not at all recommendable as this manipulates the hormonal balance in us, this gives good results for that instant, but in the long run, it will make us addicted to it. So, it is better to stay away from such things from the beginning and start it normally or put body fit without the gym.

Why can’t people visit the gym regularly? :

People have their own reasons to stop to go to the gym as mainly can be losing interest or lack of time.

What can we do rather than going to the gym to make ourselves fit? :

We can keep our body healthy without gym as we know we never had gym from olden days, but we still see people elder than us happy and fit, as they never kept gym as the only option for them, but they found many options which were around them. Which were free of cost or low cost and can be done by any age group people. Believe me; these things really help a person to stay fit more than that of when he goes to the gym.

Let us see some ways

  • Swimming: who doesn’t love swimming? Not many, no one will never say no to swim. It is a better and best exercise to make our body stay fit. We can swim for how many ever times we want in a day, and if we own a swimming pool at our place, then it’s totally free of cost. While swimming we use our whole body by this all our muscles get toned and are fit. We don’t even need to worry about the weather now as in summer however it is OK, and in winter we have the option of heaters, unlike olden days, so it is worthy. It is easy to learn it too. This ‘makes our body fit without a gym’.
  • Yoga: This method really became very popular all over the world as it is a natural process to keep our body fit. We can choose a set of exercises we want to practice according to our need. Early morning yoga helps better in the fresh air and peaceful surrounding. We can change the exercises regularly too; there is no limit.
  • Don’t prefer Maid: Yes, you heard it right doing our works by our own also makes us stay fit. It may not be possible for people who are busy. In that case, they can always try to do the part of work they are able to do daily at their home. They should make time for this, as each homely activity makes the body fit in their own way and it’s the best way to reduce fat and stay fit. Then without the gym, we can be fit.
  • Dancing: Nowadays all are fans of dancing. Everyone is showing interest in dancing. In this case, we can always spend some time in the evening hours after the office time or morning time too for dancing. This can be any type of dance of our own wish preferably Zumba, aerobics and soon makes us stay healthy as it exercises all the muscles in the body. This can be at home or even at centers if we want to learn.
  • Select a sport: Each one of us is interested in watching a sport like cricket, tennis, football and many other things, then why can’t we play that sport to make ourselves fit? Yes, we can, and we even feel that satisfaction that we learned our favorite sport.

Practice any of the above things in your life to see the change. Just give it as much time as you give for gym even an hour per day can calm both your mind and body and makes us feel fit and healthy from both inside and outside. Try them!


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