Why India is a poor country for Web & App Developers?


Do you remember the controversy about Snapchat’s CEO calling India a poor county? Well, nobody had an idea if it was true or not but still Social media was flooded with hate for SnapChat and it’s CEO. There were many messages saying uninstall SnapChat and rate it with 5 stars. People started doing the same just for the sake of their country and so called “Deshbhakti”. But, do you know why India is  a poor country for Web & App Developers! Do you know why? Let me explain…

Image: YourStory.com

When developers build an Android/iPhone application or a Website, they have to pay hundreds/thousands of dollars for the script (codes) of it. Also, they’ve to pay employees salaries and maintains charges, server fees every month. If they want to expend their business to different countries than these charges are also increased.

India is a developing country and when we talk about Indian internet users, than we can say they’ve just one mentality that is “We’re using internet and everything should be free here.” They hesitate in making payments, purchasing pro versions of apps and actually they support piracy. When they like a game, they look for its “cracked version”. When they like a song or a movie, they browse torrents to download them. There are many iPhone owners here in the country but only 1% make purchase from iTunes. This is the biggest problem!

When developers launch their respective products, they want to recover monthly expenses and also want to generate some revenues out of it. But, Indians won’t help them! Developers put ads in their websites and applications but they don’t get good rates from Indian traffic (users). For example: One click from USA user helps them generate $0.50 to $2 but Indian clicks just generate $0.01 to $0.20! Why? Because, Indians clicked the ad by mistake, or they left the purchase in the middle.

Making money from Internet is not that easy. India is a big market, targeting India is easy but generating good income from here is a really tough task! That’s why web and app developers love to target other countries but not India. That is the only reason why some big apps are not available for India.


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