Indian President Pension, Medical, House and Other Benefits After Retirement


The President is entitled to unimaginable perks once he leaves the post of President, even if he has served the office for a single minute. The Indian President benefits after retirement which you don’t know are listed below.


The most curiosity among the people is to know how many pension will come with the credit card in president account after leaving the post of President. On retirement, the president will get (at current rates) Rs.75,000 a month as pension. As a President, he got Rs 1.5 lakh as salary so the pension the president get is 75000 rupees. It is the pension amount and it changes according to the salary. Salary and pension of President of India are good enough to enjoy their retired life.


The president gets furnished rent free bungalow. The recent ex-president Pranab Mukherjee gets the Bungalow of Delhi’s 10 Raja Marg which is spread across 11,776 square feet. Mahesh Sharma lived in this house before Pranab Mukherjee.


The families of the President will also be given similar perks of the ex-president of India, including lifelong medical care in any hospital of the country free of cost. Former Presidents and their spouses, widows, and minor children will get this benefit.


The ex-president gets unlimited domestic travel reimbursement with a companion by train or air for a lifetime. They will be provided with the best category tickets. One official car is also provided and its Travel expenses also include their car fuel too.


The retired president gets personal staff including a personal assistant, an additional secretary, and two peons. Additionally, They get’s 60 thousand rupees for office acquisitions per year. Any additional staff costs must be paid for personally by the former president.

Other Services and facilities provided to President of India

Other perks for a retired president include a mobile phone, two land lines, the internet, and broadband connection for a lifetime. The President is entitled to a lifetime of completely free of charge perks, including free electricity and water and security in the heart of the country’s capital Delhi.


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