Cheers! Indian scientist develop healthy wine tea


Indian scientist develop wine tea

Most of us start our day by having a cup of tea. But if someday u skip the daily routine of drinking a cup of tea, it feels like our day has not yet started. Some people have a habit of tea, they are addicted such a way that they can consume 10 cups of tea in a day.

Probably the effect of this is that most of the tea flavours are available in India.Now think, with this feeling of tea you get the slightest.

Now think, with this feeling of tea you get the slightest addition of wine, You can enjoy the wine without even letting people have hints about the same.


While experimenting with these flavours of tea, scientists have prepared wine-tea. According to the news, 5 scientists from Tocklai Tea Research Institute of Assam have recently launched wine prepared from tea in Jorhat.


Dr. Anoop Kumar Barua, director of the institute, says that scientists of the Mycology and Micro-Biology Department have developed 3 types of T-wines, which include CTC wine, Orthodox wine and Green Tea wine.


Anoop further says, ‘This wine is made in an organic way, which is helpful in controlling sugar and protecting against diseases such as cancer.’


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