Inside Photos of Hrithik Roshan’s House In Juhu


Finally the wait is over, Hrithik roshan will be seen in the 4th part of ‘Krrish’ series. The film will be released in 2018. If you talk about his personal life, he lives in his 3,000 Squarefeet house in Juhu (Mumbai). This house is a 4BHK huge and giant apartment. There are 2 bedrooms. In this package we are showing you the photos of interior of Hrithik’s house.

This house has a office and a room for Hrithik.

Which is decorated with wooden material and paintings.

Apart from wooden material, Colored stones are used for decorations in interior of the house.

Motivational quotes are written on these stones.

According to Hrithik, by reading these motivational quotes, he gets motivated and energised.
Hritik’s favourite lines are –
“All you need is love ….and a dog”.The wall of his house is the Infiniti Wall. It has been constructed based of that signature.

There is also a piano in Hrithik’s house. This piano also has a mask on it.

This mask is prepared by him with the help of his sons Rehan and Ridan. There is a place called Green sofa room were Hrithik writes his thoughtsLets see the interior of Hrithik’s house and also the decorations done neat by using mainly wood and colourful Stones.




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