Amazon founder Jeff Bezos: One skill that made wildly successful


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has left Microsoft’s Bill Gates on Thursday and became the world’s richest person. After the rise in the American technology company’s shares, they have reached this place. This is what Forbes Magazine has said.


Opening the New York Stock Exchange opened 1.3 percent higher at $ 1,065. Following that, the total net worth of badges crossed $ 90.9 billion. When the total net worth of Bill Gates was $ 90.7 billion. With this, Badge has become the richest person in the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Bill Gates has been the world’s richest since May 2013.

Bezos is a billionaire whose property is. The highest increase in the last one year. Their property throughout the year $ 24.5 billion (Rs 1.28 lakh crore) has increased. When the wealth of Bill Gates Only $ 8.5 billion has been raised.

The one skill that made Amazon’s CEO wildly successful

  • Focus on only Customers: While most companies only focus on competitors, Jeff Bezos thinks that it is not the right way to go to success. He advises young Business men to get obsessed about customers instead of focusing on competitors. His words also reflect his mindset when he said, “The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-concentric company.
  • Stick with Two Pizzas: Bezos is believe in small. He believes in a “two pizza rule” for teams, meaning that the groups should be small enough to feed with only two pizzas. This generally works out to about 5 to 7 people in a team for best success.
  • Regret Nothing: It’s tough to leave behind a financially secure, high-powered post like that one. But Bezos claims that he tried to imagine himself decades in the future, looking back on his life. Jumping ship to start a new Web-based company at a moment.
  • Be Flexible: The idea of how you can be flexible and stubborn at the same time sounds very confusing because both these words are opposite of each other. Thankfully, Jeff Bezos explained this in his own words when he said, To elaborate this concept, he further adds.The key to success for young Business Men is to know when to be Startup and when to be flexible and strike a perfect balance your business.
  • Start Narrow, Then Diversify: Today, Amazon sells just about everything, from books and movies to clothing and groceries and many are availabel. And with Amazon Prime and Amazon Studios, it’s getting into the media production game. But Amazon started out selling one thing and one thing only: books. Book sales were Amazon’s proving ground.
  • Think Long Term: One thing that makes Jeff Bezos stand out from rest of the successful entrepreneurs is that he is not worried about what his quarterly financial reports depict. He focuses on his long-term goals. This is what young entrepreneurs can learn from Amazon’s CEO. If you want your startup to survive long, then you should emphasize on making long-term plans and executing them well.
  • Never Stop Experimenting: To encourage young entrepreneurs to experiment, Jeff Bezos said,“If you double the number of experiments you do per year, you are going to double your inventiveness.”
  • Identify and Remove Risk: What do you always hear about entrepreneurs? They love risk. They thrive on it and it excites them.According to Bezos, the best entrepreneurs don’t like risk and work to identify it and remove it in the early days of a business.


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