10 Deadly dangerous roads, You never want to drive on


Some of the below-mentioned roads are considered as roads to ‘Death’ Whereas some turns on this roads fasten the heartbeats of the traveller.

Mentioned below are the top 10 Dangerous and breathtaking roads.

1. Old Yungas Road (Bolivia)


The Yungas road is known as the death road or the road to fate. In 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the “world’s most dangerous road.

Every year over here, Approximately 200 people die due to clashes between cars , trucks and public vehicles. The edges and ends of this roads are so dangerous that people fear to even have a window seat and look stare at the view. On the contrary, an alternate road has been constructed as well.

2. Atlantic Ocean Road (Norway)


The Atlantic road is recognized as one of the railway roads. Atlantic road is located in Europe. This road is considered as one of the most dangerous and risk prone road. The road has been constructed by joining 8 pools. While driving, the waves of norwazian sea and cool breeze can be dangerous .Only those people who have guts to take risks in life, travel through this road.

3. James Dalton highway (Alaska)


It is one of the dangerous roads in the list of top 10.This highway connects 3 cities together. The risk factor on this route is increased by the cold snowy weather along with strong breeze. It is a 414 miles long road. The road is rough and very narrow which makes the situation worst for driving. In this worst condition, if u are really prepared for an adventure along with risks, you can choose the ride through this road.

4. Commonwealth avenue (Philippines)


Philippines can be a good option to travel and explore. The route to Philippines is even much more risky. This road can be adventure for the true riders. This roads for a particular instance of time remains trafficked, which results in many fatal incidents over here. This is the main reason behind the danger in this road.

5. Federal Highway 1 (Mexico)


This federal highway is 1000 miles long and includes the beautiful and breathtaking view of heighted mountains. This road is in between the mountains and deep valleys, you can imagine the risk while riding. The edges of the roads does not have any railings for protection and security purposes. Thus, only the trained and perfect drivers are advised to drive on this road. Only the ones who love adventurous driving and are experts can risk their life here.

6. Stelvio Pass (Italy)


The Stelvio Pass is a mountain pass in northern Italy, at an elevation of 2,757 m above sea level. The main reasons for problems in driving over here is the snow. The snow deposited on the roads Blocks the roads and makes it difficult for the vehicles to move ahead. In such cases, due to snow, chances of vehicles slipping increases and thereby increasing the risk factor.

7. Trans-Siberian Highway (Russia)


It stretches over 11,000 kilometres (6,800 mi) from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. The road disputes the title of the longest national highway in the world with the Australia’s Highway The route passes through dense forests and desserts. Here it is advised to be extra careful during the summer times and rainy days, as the risks are more during the summers due to increasing temperature and rains in rainy season.

8. Pan-American Highway


The Pan-American Highway is a network of roads measuring about 30,000 kilometres in total length.Pan-American Highway is the world’s longest “motorable road”. However, because of the Darien Gap, it is not possible to cross between South America and Central America. The Pan-American Highway passes through many diverse climates and ecological types, from dense jungles, to arid deserts, some of which are passable only during the dry season, and in many regions driving is occasionally hazardous.

9. Taroko Gorge Road (Taiwan)


The Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan is another mountain route made by carving out rocks, like the Guoliang Tunnel road. Despite its name, the Central Cross-Island Highway is a narrow and winding mountain road, and only a bus can barely pass by at a time. But the highway itself is truly an engineering masterpiece, as it cuts through the mountains and joins the East and West Coast. It’s full of blind curves, sharp turns, and narrow paths leading through cliffs and mountains.

10. Guoliang Tunnel (China)


The Guoliang Tunnel  is carved along the side of and through a mountain in China. The tunnel links the village of Guoliang to the outside through the Taihang Mountains .This road is very risky and dangerous.If you are adventure lover and rider,it is a great experience to drive through this roads.


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