Top 10 largest red light area in india


Prostitution, hearing this word in India creates a negative impact on the people residing in the country. Because it goes directly to the respect of women in India. And it is illegal in India too, than too there are many of the areas in the country named as red light street, red light area and also sometimes are referred as red light district. These red light street, red light area & red light district are almost present in all the cities of India. Here are some top examples of RED MARKED AREAS.

Sonagachi, Kolkata

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Sonagachi, located at north Kolkata, in the state of west Bengal, which is reputed as largest red light area in India as well as in whole South Asia. History behind Sonagachi’s red light area is that it was started by British East India Company for their soldiers as their wives were in England. At present there are about 11,000 sex workers in there. British peoples used to exploit local widows of the area sexually. There are several hundred multi stories brothels for sexual pleasure.

Kamathipura, Mumbai


India’s second largest prostitution hub or say red light Street is located in Kamathipura, Mumbai. It has got its name by kamathis (workers) working in there. Once in 1992 there were 50,000 sex workers recorded there and now by 2009 it has been reduced to 1,600. It was proficiently known as ‘lal bazar’. Lal bazar also has a beedi rolling industry. Famous gangsters haji mastan, daud Ibrahim, etc. used to walk in the red light street of Mumbai for their entertainment sake.

BudhwarPeth, Pune


It has 5000 sex workers working in several brothels in the area. Many of men are being entertained by the beauties of budhwarpeth. With the famous prostitution market, budhwar is also known as electronics and books hub.

Meergunj, Allahabad


Meeragunj is the red light area in Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh. It is having quite sizzling sex workers for having sexual pleasure. But it is apparently famous for forced prostitution and illegal trafficking. It has prostitutes from west Bengal, bihar, jarkhand and also from the neighboring country like Nepal and Bangladesh. It is also hell for visitors.

G.B. Road, Delhi


It another a large red light area in India. It has many brothels present all along the streets. It is totally unique market, there are machinery and vehicle parts shops at ground floor and brothels on the top floors.

ChaturbhujSthan, Muzaffarpur


It is a kind of Mughal type of red light area. It was started by the Mughals of the area and it is a hub of 2,500 sex workers. Brothels here are having a mistress kind of woman who is the lead and manager of the particular brothel.

Itwari, Nagpur


Itwari Nagpur is having much of young sex workers. The junction of gangajamuna is not only having illegal prostitution, but also possesses many more criminal activities.

Shivdaspur, Varanasi


Shivdaspur, Varanasi is located in eastern UP. It is a census town and a red light street of Varanasi. It is also a kind of Mughal red light as it was started in ancient era of Mughals. It is not having big brothels, it consists of small home based brothels in the village.

Muvattupula Brothels, Kerala


This are somewhat modern kind red light area in India. One can have their pleasure illegally in kerala by booking brothel online. There are many of the agents booking such brothels on phone with quality keralian and shrilankan sex workers.

Red light district in Jammu


Red light district in Jammu. Actually jammu is famous for its fair, doll looking sex workers. Most of the sex workers here in jammu are forced for working as prostitute.


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