Life of Indians who settle in abroad


Many of us Indians are planning to settle abroad, either with the mindset of studies or earning bucks. Which is not actually a bad plan. But some frequent questions often arises in our mind, India or abroad? Should I settle in India or abroad? What are the ways to go abroad? And many more like this.


There are many points to be considered before planning to settle in any of the country rather than India. There are many competitive examinations being conducted for admission or getting settled in foreign countries such as GRE, ILTES, TOFEL, etc. let me tell you what makes foreign lifestyle different than that of in India.

What makes foreign lifestyle different?

Majority of foreign countries are classified under developed category i.e. they are already developed. Hence education and the resources needed for educating people are totally available in required amount. Moreover in India education is more focused on theory instead of practical. Whereas, abroad countries are focusing on practical learning.

There is a broadminded thinking of the people there in foreign countries. But Indian people might get difficulty in adopting their culture and lifestyle. They are more focused about the having their basic needs completed such as physiological needs & safety needs, while we have a mindset to have social acceptance before we are completed with primary needs. Indian people might enjoy one thing there that all the individuals are engaged with their own stuff rather than pinging in others work.

Moreover continuing to stay in any country also gives its citizenship to the person migrated. But if one is planning to migrate to STATES than a recent decision of Mr. Trump should be taken into account on priority bases. If someone is having homesickness, than it is advisory, not to migrate anywhere than India because after having a big travelling expense it is not worthy to get back.
Commutation also is a worthy factor to be considered, if the local language of the particular country is known than it becomes beneficial for the individual to get settle there. This is the main factor where most of the people face difficulty. For Muslims planning to settle abroad religion and geopolitical events may cause problem, and they would never accept to forgo their values.

What makes foreign Education different?

If we talk about doing masters in abroad than doing masters in US is like buying groceries off the corner shop of your colony. Everyone has been doing it for ages. A very few of them find issues with the quality offered in some products. But you still go there because the store has been around for decades and you feel a sense of safety while going where most people are headed. This is to explain that rather than being a following sheep, be an explorer who explores everything and then chooses.

If we talk about Canada, than as a student, life doesn’t change much. You just get a few more chores and a better university campus with fantastic Internet. Otherwise it is almost the same. But anywhere in western country winter may become a serious problem for Indians. Otherwise it is an individual’s choice, where to go where not to.


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