Loneliness Is Bad for Your Health And Daily Routine


Researchers at King’s College of London have researched over 2000 people that loneliness is the main reason for not sleeping. More than 24 percent of people in the world are victims of loneliness and stress, which feel more tired of others than themselves.

There is no concentration in such people’s life

According to the researchers, the person suffering from loneliness gets stressed and does not understand his social connections adequately. He becomes a victim of social subconscious. The stressed ones start feeling themselves isolated from the society.

These types of peoples Feeling alone with everyone

Researchers researched two twin 18-19 age group 2,232 people in two countries of England and Wales in the same transition that the twins also became victims of loneliness, when they are kept separately there were four impressive results on these research. When they were asked, how do they feel when they are different? How do you feel when others are away from you? How do you feel when both of you are separated? And how do you feel when you are not living together?

When Separating from twin brother takes more loneliness

Researchers Louise Arnstall in his research says that those who become victims of loneliness, they get less sleepy. They become victims of negativity, and with this they continually suffer from depression in many phases.



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