Who made wannacry ransomware? How it spread around the world


In the last days has wannacry ransomware affected many computers around the world. This virus encrypts their data by attacking the computers around the world and hackers demand ransom to restore the data again and if they do not, they delete the data. There is no guarantee that you will get the data back once you make your ransom. Now the question arises, from where did this virus start, and who made it?

Image: India Today
Where did this virus start?

The beginning of this virus was such that the National Security Agency had bugs from Windows Operating System, which they could use against anyone in the future. But the file leaked onto the internet. After that he made this virus based on the bugs which affected the computers around the world.
Microsoft had also released security updates to avoid this, but that update could reach those people who had original Windows, people who were using pirated software, or those who did not update the operating system, did not receive this update, due to which many computers have been victims of this. With this, people who are using the old version of Windows whose technical support was stopped by Microsoft long ago, especially those people had to face this problem.

What to do to prevent this virus?

To avoid this virus, use the Windows original operating system, Keep updating it from time to time so that you stay safe from this virus, Along with this, install a good paid antivirus in your computer, this will increase the security of your computer.
Apart from this you can use the external hard disk for keeping data back up from time to time, it is very easy. If you have a good internet connection then you can also use cloud storage so that your data is safe.



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