First ever nudist park in Bois de Vincennes set to open in Paris


Paris opens its first ever public nudist park

This is a good news for all the nudist residents in France. Now, there is no need for this nature lovers or nudists to search for nude beaches away from the home towns. France opened an experimental nudist area in a famous park in the city for all such nature lovers and nudists.

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A public area in Paris has been made a nude area. This place is Bois de Vincennes located in Paris by the city officials.Here you can come even without wearing any clothes. However there will be security and watch over all the anti social activities. Any misbehavior or actions doing harm to society will be punished.

According to a local official, this Nudist Zone will be located near the Bird Reserve in the park and the area of this place will be as much as a football ground. This place is opened just on an experimental basis. The time to visit this nudist area is from 8 AM to 7.30 PM. The future scope of this place will be decided after 15th October.

Many local people are supporting this campaign there. According to Julian Pingrey, this is very special. These are the best initiatives for Naturists. Not only does this shows the moderate face of this city, but it will also change the attitude of people towards NDT. The culture of nudity has been followed by many western countries for a long time.

There are many Nude Beaches in France. Apart from this, there are many such resorts, where you can relax and in open shades you can enjoy taking off your clothes.Not only in France but there are such beaches in many other countries of the world.Baker beach of San Francisco, Masculine beach in Australia and the Wreck beach of Vancouver are some of the best nude beaches.



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