Putin’s secret holiday home with gold plated swimming pool and underground spa!


The new holiday home of Putin is Luxurious.This holiday home includes spacious gold plated pool along with Underground spa and many more royal facilities.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin recently owned a new Holiday home which has many royal facilities in it.This luxurious and auspicious palace includes gold plated tiles and a Swimming pool in it.This palace is located on an island near the borders of Finland and Russia.This home is famous as it was also used for shooting some scenes of Sherlock holmes soviet film.

This pictures depicts the interior of Putin’s Holiday home.

Biliyard’s Room along with the symbol of an Russian eagle.

Auspicious Bathroom

Study room

Steam room made up of precious marbles

Constructed or located within 16,150 square feet of area, this holiday home is very luxurious and elligent. The protection to this island is given by the officer of Russian federal protection service, so that common people cannot enter the premises of the royal palace.This home named -Villa Sellgren has been constructed since 1913 before the Russian revolution.

Sellgren Villa before the revolution

Lodochny Island

The picture before renovation

This place is located only few kilometers away from finland

The washroom area is just like a palace

On the basis of information obtained from one of the localite ,Putin visits this holiday home once in a year.

It is also said that along with the renovation,a new building has been constructed over along with this royal palace, there are many other royal houses located over here.The local people over here complains about not being allowed to enter this island,before some decades,they were permitted to enter the island.This island includes a helipad .A radar is also installed at the beach for security purposes.

The view from this home is breath taking and one can enjoy the perfect location.

The entry for any common man is restricted in this home.

Along with this royal holiday home, Putin has many more luxurious palace at many different places. His life can be compared to a life of a King with all the luxuries and royalty.


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