Baba Ramdev Mandir – A place where both Hindu and Muslim bow their head


The temple of Ramdevra, Rajasthan

Baba Ramdev Ji’s Temple Ramdevra

A crowd of devotees emerged to visit medieval god Baba Ramdev in Ramdevra which is about 120 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. In philosophical terms the tomb of this god is considered as a symbol of communal harmony, people from various religion and especially from tribal pilgrims come to visit the fair.

Baba Ramdev is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Krishna. His date of birth remarks the start of fair on Shukla paksh II of Bhadra month. The fair continues for one month. By the way, many devotees try to reach Ramdevra on Ramdev’s birth anniversary in Bhadra month.

Ramsa Pir

Baba Ramdevji is a God of Rajasthan. He was a saint in fourteenth century. Ramdevji was Tanwar Rajput by caste but he was against casteism.

Hindus find the quality of Lord Krishna in him and Muslim observers call them “Baba Ramsa Pir”. His worship crosses the Hindu-Muslim divide as well as castism. Baba Ramdev is sit on horseback. He is been worship across the world. He is worship in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Mumbai and also in Sindh in Pakistan.

Ramdevra Fair 2017 – (Ramdevra Mela 2017)

Queue during fair

This time on the occasion of 633th Ramdevra fair, devotes can be seen singing and dancing in the banks of river along with flags of Baba and move towards Ramdevji. The full path from Jaisalmer to Ramdevra is echoing with “O Ajmal ji Kanvara, Mata Menade Lal, Rani Nethal Ra bhartar, Maharo Helo Suno Ji Rama Peer”.

Long queues during Ramdevra Fair

Queue during fair

During the fair a long queues of 4-5 kilometers are seen in front of Baba’s temple. In addition to the district administration, various NGOs selflessly provide food, water and health services for the convenience of devotees.

Devotees never forget to visit the temple of Guru baba located in the Masurian hill, After that they march towards Jaisalmer.

According to folklores, Baba’s parents, Ajmal ji and Mainade, prayed to lord in the temple of Dwarka, Gujarat for a child.


Baba Ramdev Samadhi Ramdevra

Many people also pray in Ramdevara and have faith in him. People make their wishes in front of Baba Ramdevji and if their wishes comes true, then they make a horse of cloth and offer it in the temple. Some make small horses some have big one.


Baba Ramdev Ji Samadhi

Baba Ramdevji don’t compare peoples according to their religion or according to their richness. He believed in the equality of all human beings whether they are high or low, rich or poor. There is also Temple of Ramapir In Pakistan, so this proves his humanity and why people across various religion worship him.


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