How a Sanskrit teacher became well recognized App Developer

Journey of Imran Khan, a Sanskrit teacher from Alwar, Rajasthan. How he started developing educational android apps.

Mohammad Imran Khan was born on Dec 05, 1978 in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, India. From his childhood only, he was very devoted to studying and improving his knowledge. When he was a student, He wanted to become a scientist but destiny wanted him to share his knowledge with others. He completed his graduation from Rajasthan University.

In 1999, Khan became a government teacher. He currently teaches Mathematics and Sanskrit in a school located in Alwar, Rajasthan. But, he didn’t stopped here. He wanted to share his knowledge all over India. He started learning programming by himself and designed, a general knowledge related website in 2005. Later, he started making Educational Android Apps. Till now, Imran Khan has developed 71 Apps.

He became proficient in programming and web development through online tutorials and the books left by his younger brother, who left for a job in Gurugram (Gurgaon) after pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science.

He rose to fame when the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi mentioned Khan during his speech at Wembley Stadium, London, in November 2015. Modi said that “My India resides in people like Imran Khan from Alwar”.

Khan’s applications are very useful for students. Many of students have commented on the apps that they cleared there competitive examinations because of Imran’s apps. On June 28, 2016, Education Minister of Rajsasthan Mr. Vasudev Devanani with Chairman of state assembly Mr. Kailash Meghwal awarded him with state-level Bhamashah award. He has gifted 60 of his mobile apps (worth Rs. 3.32 crores) to HRD ministry.

Khan was also offered with the post of project officer in the Department of Science and Technology, but he politely turned down the offer just because he wanted to continue sharing his knowledge with students. His motto is to spread his knowledge and make India well Educated.

Imran Khan is an inspiration for everyone and we could never forget his contribution in the field of education and for Digital India. He is an example of a person, who is just not satisfied with his own smartness. He wants everyone to be intelligent!

So, guys don’t blame situations, your parents or your teachers! You can also learn anything if you are passionate about it. Always remember, “My India has people like Imran Khan, if he can do it than I can also do it”.

You can access all the apps by “clicking here”

Images Credit: Imran Khan’s Facebook Profile


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