Simple solutions to get rid of social media addiction

How can we get rid of social media addiction

Let us start with some facts. First, the internet has more than 3.5 billion users as of 2016; second, internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts. The likelihood is good that you are one of those users. Some people probably think that Internet is all about social media in the sense that they only use Internet to access their accounts on their smartphones every hour of the day, seven days a week. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and a whole lot of others are indeed attractive so it only makes sense if they gain more users on daily basis. There are lots of advantages by using those services, but there is plenty to lose either. Social media addiction is not uncommon and probably more harmful than you think.

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It is not illegal to be in social media, but being addicted can mean bad performance in schools, workplace, or college. Social media has real chance of distracting you all the time from anything you do in home, office, and even in the car while driving; each of those is dangerous. Getting rid of the addiction is not easy, but everybody can overcome this potentially harmful habit with some tricks as follows.


If you are addicted to something and you want to overcome the addiction, the first step to accomplish is the admittance part. You have to admit that you have a problem with social media and it is taking a toll on your live before you can start the “rehabilitation” process. If you don’t think you have any issues with social media addiction, well then you don’t need any help. Assuming you have admitted that there is an issue, you are ready for the next step.



Get Back to Flip Phone

Smartphone is an engineering marvel. It does a lot of things in such small package that you wouldn’t even leave anywhere without it. One of the things that smartphone excels at is giving you push notifications from social media. If you have been active in the last couple of years, you probably receive hundreds of push notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the rest of them. One of the easiest ways to overcome the addition to social media is by turning off push notifications on your smartphone. It allows you to concentrate better on anything you do such as studying, working, or something as simple as listening to a lecture.


A portable phone, in its essence, is a device that allows you to communicate with somebody else across distance. If turning off the push notifications or even deleting the social media apps in your phone cannot help, maybe it is time to throw away the smartphone and get yourself a flip phone. It is stylish, still relevant, and it does what it promises to do; you can make phone calls, send texts, set up an alarm, and change the ringtone. If it is good enough for Agent Gibbs, it is good enough for you.

Play Outside

Addiction to social media can actually steal the otherwise enjoyable moments you can spend with your friends and families. Instead of staring at your phone screen or laptop for many hours every day, it is better to have conversation with people you care the most such as your parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and anybody who matters to you in real life. Spending time on social media can be fun, but it will not be as enjoyable as having real people around you.

Spending time with real people in real life circumstances instead of your Facebook friends can give additional benefit: new hobby. There is a real chance that your conversation and activities with families help you find and develop new more attractive hobby for example driving, DIY carpentry, cooking, or maybe bicycling. Your new hobby can be more productive and you are inclined to engage in physical activities, and therefore you become healthier as well.


Please understand that social websites are merely tools to help you improve quality of life; they are never meant to replace your entire real life with virtual realm. Real life is here in the living room with your families, right outside the door with friends, in the park with your pets, in the soccer field with teammates, NOT in the website pages with selfies and pretentious comments.


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