Where spend Holiday our busy bollywood actors ?

Bollywood celebrities and their luxurious holiday homes

Our Super Famous Bollywood celebs also needs some moments of peace in their life where they could relax with no worries and for that they own homes at many international places .In India, they can’t travel freely because of the stardom they possess.

To escape from these kind of chasing they have houses in foreign places where they can have fun and explore life.

Following are some extremely beautiful foreign homes owned by our Bollywood celebs that very few people are aware of.

Beautiful beach house ‘The Palm Jumeirah’ owned by SRK and Gauri in dubai

The villa ‘The Palm Jumeirah’ is built in 8500 Square Feets that includes 6 bed rooms, one private beach and a pool area too.

Shahrukh Khan owns a house in Alibaugh too

Here shahrukh khan celebrated his 51th Birthday, which was attended by celebs like Ranveer, Karan Johar and swetananda. He bought this house for his four years old son Aryan, except this he also owns a 2 crore pounds Bungalow in London.

Priyanka Chopra’s Beach Bungalow in Goa

Priyanka bought this Dream Bungalow in 2013, anybody would fall in love with this beautiful Bungalow.

Aishwariya and Abhishek owns this royal villa in Dubai

Abhishek and aishwariya comes here for their holidays it has a golf ground, a beautiful garden, a swimming pool and a big villa such dream houses we have seen in movies only.

Twinkle and Akshay possesses this amazing house in Canada.

Twinkle Khanna loves Canada and appreciating her choice akki  bought a large building and a bungalow there.

Great Mr. and Mrs. Bachan owned house in paris

Big B is also king in property possessions he has five houses in Mumbai itself .  whereas this house was a gift to Jaya Bacchan.

Raj and Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s seven-bedroom ‘Raj Mahal’ in Surrey

This Bungalow situated at Weybridge surrey, has 7 roomsand  is named  ‘Rajmahal’

They also own a bungalow in The Mayfair & Oxford Street. Shilpa also purchased an apartment in Burj Khalifa which is now sold.

Wood house Owned by Nawab Saif Ali Khan & kareena in Gstaad

Kareena always wants to spend her holidays in Switzerland, Said and Kareena goes to Switzerland for vacation every year where they own a Wood House. Adding to the fact that anybody who is rich enough to purchase a house would definitely not rent one.

Source: idiva.com


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