3 Secret Study Tips To Score Highest Marks In Exam


Friends today we will talk about the study. OMG STUDY !! We will give you tips on how can you study efficiently and how to become a topper. There are some efficient study techniques which you don’t know. You want to get tips on how to give maximum output with minimum input towards study then you are at right place.


The most important thing which I need to highlight is that “NO ONE IS INTELLIGENT“. The definition which we people had got of intelligent is totally wrong.

Definition of Intelligent

If you will give particular time to any particular work in this world then people will tell you intelligent. If you are intelligent then think that you will be only intelligent in the thing in which you had given your time. For Example, a doctor is intelligent in only his field and an engineer is intelligent in his own field.

If you will bring a doctor in between a crowd of engineers then he will look most duffer person among them all. Same if you will place an engineer in the seat of a doctor then he will look like an idiot. This teaches us that you can not be overall intelligent, you will be intelligent in only the field in which you had given your time.

You can be an expert in which you gave your time. The perfect example of this thing is Steve Jobs. When he was suffering from pancreas cancer, he talked in his most of the interview that he didn’t know what is pancreas until he hadn’t faced that thing.


TIP 1: Solve last 10 years question papers

If you will ask any student that who is intelligent? Then the maximum no of people will say that the person who knows everything is intelligent. But according to our society definition, the person who scores the highest marks in the exam is intelligent. Now most of us will think that this both things are similar, the person who knows everything will get the highest marks. This assumption is totally wrong.

The person will get the highest marks who will know the correct answers of the question paper. So, in short, you need to first solve last 10 years question papers. Now you will say that I knew it already or you will say it is the technique of losers.

If you will see an IAS officer or IIT topper interview then they will always say that first solve last 10 years papers. Start with CHAPTER 1 and start preparing all the questions which are there in last 10 years questions paper. This way you will prepare all the important topics which are asked in the exam. The maximum benefits which you get from this tip is that it will organize your study.

This is how you will complete the topics with maximum weightage at the beginning and the exam preparation only. The last left behind will be the topics which will rarely be asked in the exam. So if time permits then you can prepare that remaining topic at last.

This is how you will never miss any important topic. So ACT SMART!

TIP 2: Categories

Keep same time of question at one hand! For example, let’s take maths. So in one chapter, there won’t be more than 20 concepts approx. So for each concept solve only 20 to 25 questions instead of 100 to 1000 questions. This is how you will save your time and be productive. If you have time then also try to solve that 20 question of each concept again and again.

In short, condense your syllabus, make your syllabus smaller. So instead of 500 to 1000 page book, you will only feel like you only have 100-200 page book to solve.

So this way you will stay motivated.Try to make notes in your textbooks only so that if after some days you will open that book then you will think that yeah I have read this thing before! ORGANIZE = SUCCESS

TIP 3: Tension

Everything in this world is a mind game. During preparation of exam, there will be two states. Either you will feel in tension when only a few days are remaining in exams or you will feel tension free in short in a party mood when there are 4 to 6 months remaining in our exams. So, guys, we have competition with ourselves only. We need to use one strategy for it. You need to know when to give yourself a tension and when to be tension free.

When before 4 to 6 months of exams you feel relaxed at that time talking to yourself that if I won’t work hard for the exam then I won’t be able to be a successful person in life. I will be treated as a common man in this world and will die as a useless man.I won’t be able to achieve any of my dreams this way. So make yourself in tension at this time by bringing this type of thoughts.

At the time when there are just a few days remaining in your exam at that time, you will feel in tension. Make yourself feel relaxed at that time by saying yourself that I am prepared for this thing. You can also listen to songs at this time to make yourself relief from tension.

You need to play this RELEASE TENSION VS TAKE TENSION game to achieve success.


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