Suniel Shetty had a big crush on this actress!


Here we are talking about an actress, Suniel shetty was insanely in love with her. Rumours also state that even bollywood star govinda was madly in love with her.

A Bollywood celebrity popular as the Anna – Suniel Shetty celebrated his birthday recently on 11th of august. He entered the world of bollywood in the age of 31. Suniel shetty was into the gossips because of his new show “India’s asli champion’. He still looks fit and fine and his age cannot be judged by his appearance. Although he is not much active on social media, now days he is found to be tweeting much. Choosing the acting line was his interest, but before entering bollywood he had a degree in hotel management. Do you know, Sunil shetty was madly in love with an actress from bollywood.

He is very punctual and possessive regarding his films,but rolling back to time,he had fallen for an actress.

Sunil shetty was many times seen pairing with her in his films.This actress is none other than Sonali Bendre.She is the one for who stole sunil shetty’s heart.

Sunil and sonali have been spotted romancing in many of their films.

Source: YouTube

But they never disclosed their love publicly.Not only Sunil shetty loved her but even Sonali Bendre was intensely in love with him. But when Sunil shetty entered Bollywood,he was married.

Sunil shetty’s best friend govinda mentioned that if Sunil Shetty hadn’t been married ,he would have definitely married to Sonali Bendre.

Source: YouTube

He rarely attends the bolly parties.He loves thai food and fish curry.Along with his career in bollywood, he even owns hotels and a boutique.

Sunil Shetty’s Daughter  Started her debut in bollywood. Recently her film mubarakaan has been released and she has done a marvelous work. At the same time, The son of Sunil shetty is all set for his first debut.


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