Untold Story behind a fidget spinner


Fidget spinner has become worldwide popular toy recently. No one of us knows where did they come from and for what they were made? This is INTERESTING.
Fidget spinner holds in the Amazon top 20 toys list this year.

What is fidget spinner?

For those who don’t know, fidget spinner is a little toy which rotates very fast. It is also possible to do a bunch of tricks with it. Thanks to their ball bearing which make it possible. Fidget spinner has a free ball bearing in the center which is responsible to spin the spinner along the axis with fewer efforts. This ball bearing reduces friction and allows things to rotate freely for a long time. As the name implies, it is made for the peoples who may fidget a lot because of ADHD or autism. It helps people to concentrate on what they are doing.

Who invented fidget spinner?


The origin of fidget spinner can be traced back over 20 years by women named Catherine Hettinger. Catherine Hettinger is the women who invented fidget spinner. She is a chemical engineer by profession. This idea came in her mind 20 years ago to entertain her 7 years daughter.

Back in 1990’s, she was suffering from a disease named MYASTHENIA GRAVIS(It causes muscle weakness). She was getting difficulty in picking up the things up. A dropping eyelid is the earliest sign of this disease that produces extensive muscle weakness.

At the same time, she had to care for her daughter but she couldn’t play with her and that’s how she invented a very basic prototype of fidget spinner for her daughter to play with. It helped her to make her daughter keep entertained and for her, it was a very great stress reliever.

Hettinger’s Disappointment

Sometimes in life, there are disappointments. It seems like the inventor of this toy would be very rich, but it’s totally opposite of it. Here is a very sad story of the inventor of Fidget Spinner.

On May 28, 1993, Hettinger filed a pattern against fidget spinners. This pattern got eventually passed in the year 1997 on 7th JAN. Then after she had an appointment with “Hasbro”-The Toy company to make the toy in more commercial success. But “Hasbro” decided not to proceed with the production.

In 2005 her pattern was to get expired. As she didn’t have the money to renew the pattern for 400 USD, she lost her rights to the idea. So the fidget spinner’s patent returned to the public domain. If she would have renewed the pattern, then she would have been very rich women now.

Unfortunately, despite her genius invention, she is struggling currently in her life. Hettinger is living in a small condo. Their telephone lines aren’t working and she is wondering that how she can afford a car. But she is not bitter about her spinner’s success. Here is what she said – “Several people have asked me, ‘Aren’t you really mad?’ But I’m just pleased that something I designed is something that people understand and really works for them”

Well, guys what a remarkable sad story!


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