Virat Kohli’s house in Gurgaon, see inside the house PICS


Virat Kohli is also known for his own sport as well as for his stylist outlook and luxury life. The house of expensive car and hobbyist Virat Kohli is also very luxurious, which you can understand by looking at the inside of the house.

Virat Kohli made beautiful house in Gurgaon near Delhi and in the last year he has shifted to this house. Before this Virat Kohli lived in Mira Bagh in West Vihar, Delhi.

Virat Kohli also gave a superb party to all the team members when he shifted to this house. According to real estate experts Kohli has spent Rs 80 crores for this house.

This house is located in Block Sector of Gurgaon DLF City Phase-1. This house is built in 500 yards. House has been designed by a special interior designing company. Superb work has been done at the interior of this home in Virat.

In this house of Virat has a separate swimming pool, gym, etc.




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