You’re Gay or Straight? Artificial Intelligence Can Tell From a Pic of Your Face, Scientists Say


Is a person Straight or Gay? Now you can easily find out about this. Actually, according to the research of Stanford University, it can be easily detected by anyone through Computer Algorithm to be Straight or Gay. You just need a photo of that person.

Demo Pic

Any male is straight or gay, this machine makes 81 percent correct guesses, and this technique, 74 percent accurate information is obtained about women.

This very unique and new study has been published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology after the Economist. According to Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang, ‘he studied 35,326 photos for this research. These photos were posted on a US dating website. We used Deep Natural Networks to detect the person’s personality.’


According to this research, those who are gay, their jaws are narrow. At the same time they have large nose and forehead. At the same time, when compared to a straight women, the straight men and gay women have bigger jaws and smaller forehead.

Nick Rule, associate professor of psychology department of the University of Toronto, says, “We should talk about any technique only after thorough testing of any technology.”

This research is entirely dependent on photographs, that is why it can not be called 100 percent correct, because a wrong report can also cause a person’s life to fail.


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